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Descrizione del corso

Questo nuovo programma di maestri del gestore è un'alternativa innovativa per il tradizionale MBA per nuovi o recenti laureati che desiderano entrare in una carriera nella gestione, o per tali che cercano l'accesso a ruoli di gestione in futuro. è anche per coloro che desiderano unire gli studi nella gestione con specialita ' di un altro, o per prepararsi a ulteriori opere accademiche verso un secondo master, un dottorato o altra laurea di ricerca.

Visita il Gestione MSc pagina del University of Brighton sito per maggiori dettagli!

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David Wong

351.jpg I decided to do my Masters at the University of Brighton based on recommendations from students who have completed their education at Brighton Business School. Brighton is a cosmopolitan coastal city that offers the perfect work-life balance for students and young professionals who want to make the most of their tertiary education experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course and decided to stay on to pursue a PhD. The course was very well designed. Striking a balance between the theoretical and practical elements of management is a delicate task and the course achieved that with carefully structured modules and by incorporating taught elements based on real businesses.

My favourite aspects of the course were the diverse demographics of the students, the group work and presentations which simulate the real-life business environment; the opportunity to work as part of a group with such a diverse coalition of students was a humbling and invaluable experience and the study visit and placement option with other international business schools provide the students with an additional perspective on postgraduate management education.

Upon completion of the course, I stayed on to pursue a PhD whilst working as a self employed Broadcast Media Consultant and Contractor. Brighton Business School provided me with high quality teaching and helped me to establish a strong foundation for both my PhD and professional life.

(Student Profile)

Pavel Sirotin

“After completing the course I landed a job in a European company because I had included some studies in Italy with my Brighton degree. One of my first tasks in the company was to prepare a report using techniques I learned on the course, so I was able to do a good job. As a result I was promoted and now have more responsibility.”

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